Saturday, 4 March 2017

Black Marley Braids On Short Afro Hair

A day or two after I tried the protein method (see last post) I set to work installing my Marley Braids....
It's taken me a minute to get used to the extra volume that comes with this hair but these are definitely my favourite type of braids! Light as a feather and they blend well with my natural texture so the style looks neater for longer.
I used about 5 1/2 packs of Noir kanekalon hair from the Janet Collection, in colour 1B. 
Marley braiding hair from the Janet Collection always kinda bums me out because there is so little of it in each pack, but I really like the quality of it so it's worth the extra few quid...

I would love some nice gold braid cuffs as I think they would compliment this style perfectly but I can't seem to find any that are both nice and affordable... Any suggestions would be very welcome! 

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(Lyrics of the day = 'Let me cover your shit in glitter I can make it gold', Consideration, Rihanna)


  1. Hey, this is really random but have you ever had anyone screaming "hadiza" at you back a few years ago? Me and you actually look really alike except you're prettier. I used to live in Manchester and people would always say they saw my twin wondering around the city but they would call my name and I wouldn't respond.

    Back then I wore my braids exactly like you did with the bangs and I think we had a similar fashion sense too. When I found your blog I was like this must be the girl who people keep thinking is me. Anyway, you just randomly popped into my head today. Nice to see you're happy with the baby and everything. Best wishes.

    1. Hahaaaaa, really??! That's funny. I'm quite forgetful but I don't think I remember anyone calling Hadiza at me... Though I probably wouldn't even notice anyway lol. I really would like to see what you look like cos usually people who are supposed to look like me don't look like me lol. if you see this please drop me a message on my Facebook page or insta or something, i'm really curious! :) xx


Thank you bitches!! xxxx