Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Get To Know Me Tag | Zizzi's Wardrobe

Guys i'm not gonna lie to ya... This definitely isn't the most riveting video you'll ever watch in your life... Buuuuuuut I've been wanting to start a Youtube channel for a few years now so I thought i'd give this thang a go to kickstart myself and try and get more comfortable with talking to a camera in an empty room!

While I don't think that learning my middle names or favourite colour are particularly interesting or insightful I would love to get some feedback on how I can generally improve in front of the camera and what video content you'd personally like to see me produce...

I have a haul video and water drinking challenge video already in the works and from my own viewing habits I think that: hauls, natural hair stuff, health and wellbeing challenges, look books and perhaps a few story times and some mama and toddler stuff would be my general direction. What do ya think?

Will also be repairing or replacing my camera soon so don't worry, I won't always look like i'm radiating solar energy lol... And those failed credits at the end will go too (they didn't look like that when i initially edited them) xx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The 10 Most Stylish TV And Film Characters Of The 1990s...

It's actually embarrassing how many half finished lists like this that I have in my drafts, some have been here for well over a year quite some time, welp!! Perhaps I should look into hypnosis for getting organised, haha.

I was reminded about the existence of this lil post when I read 10 Models With Afros For Kendrick Lamar's Casting Call early in April, this is obviously not as fun or relevant as that lovely list (which you should definitely check out if you're an afro lover like me) but if you're a fan of 1990s fashion you might enjoy a lil trip down nostalgia lane with me...

Let me prefix this by saying that I came up with it off the top of my head and looking at the completed list now I've realised it's completely US-centric, with only one non-American title on the list. My bad. Would love to hear of suggestions from around the world if you have any!

The list isn't in any particular order but i'll get the most obvious ones out of the way first-

1) Hilary Banks- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-96) No one has ever made skirt suits and matching hats look quite as good as Hilary Banks and she's the obvious no-brainer for this list! Hillary was also queen of the bodycon mini dress and amazing accessories...

2.) Denise Huxtable- The Cosby Show (1984-1992) This one is a bit of a cheat as it obviously fits better in a 1980s list, but any chance I get to share photos of Denise Huxtable, I will! I was never a fan of The Cosby Show, always seemed kinda boring to me and now Bill Cosby's character seems so sinister, ugh... But Lisa Bonnet served bold look after bold look, a true chameleon...

3) Original Aunt Viv- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-96) Note the 'original' part because it's very important that you know that i'm only including the Aunt Viv of series 1-3, as gloriously depicted by Janet Hubert... Partly cos i'm petty and her replacement Daphne Maxwell-Reid played a docile, homebound travesty of a Viv. Original Aunt Viv was a force of nature, imposter Aunt Viv was just so... Meh! Everything that was great about the character left with Janet, including the level of faaaaaaabulous, regal fashions!

4.)Dionne- Clueless (1995) Who didn't love Dionne's daring fashion choices and those signature braids and creative accessories?!?!?

5.) Audrey Horne- Twin Peaks (1990-91) This femme fatalé's Twin Peaks closet is actually rather demure, One Eyed Jack's attire aside. There are a few Twin Peaks characters (Josie Packard, Donna Hayward) whose styles I also enjoy, but with her beautiful bob, red lips and lots of autumnal coloured clothing, Audrey Horne takes the crown for best dressed Twin Peaks character!

6.) Justice- Poetic Justice (1993) Braids so iconic that thick box braids are often referred to simply as 'Poetic Justice Braids'. Despite dusty, irrelevant ass French Montana's ignorant comments, everyone knows this equates with hair perfection! Janet Jackson looked fabulous in this 1993 classic. Even though her styling wasn't as busy as most of the ladies on this list, it was signature, laid back '90s cool.

7). Cassandra- Wayne's World (1992) Actress Tia Carrere radiates beauty and her bold Wayne's World closet was the perfect accompaniment to her confident, sexy character.

8). Strangé- Boomerang (1992) Grace Jones is living art and although i've never met her she's probably my favourite person (sorry family and friends). Stunning and uncompromising artistic in life and film, Grace serves up some seriously memorable haute couture looks as eccentric fashion extrordinaire Strangé...

9). Swell- Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (1991) A friend at work recommended this film to me a few years ago and Swell's wardrobe did not disappoint! From youthful eclectic looks to early '90s office attire with a twist, Swell pulls it all off effortlessly.

10). Mathilda- Léon The Professional (1994) A young Natalie Portman makes her impressive film debut in this French thriller and her wardrobe is truly on point! Mathilda's signature black choker with a silver sun charm strings together a host of cool denim shorts and crop tops combos. To really appreciate her look, keep in mind that this is the real 1990s and not a modern day hipster lol...

BONUS 11).  Amber Clueless (1995) 10 in a title sounds better than 11... But I couldn't bring myself to publish this list without including Amber, the unsung fashion hero of Clueless. So much bolder in her wardrobe choices than Cher, her iconic red dollar sign hat alone earns her a place on the list!

Did I miss anyone important? xx

** Please note all pictures used are for commentary purposes only, if you own any of the photos and wish to have them removed from the post please e-mail me and I will take it/them down**

(Lyrics of the day = Amy Winehouse 'Halftime' vibes- 'Halftime, time to think it through, consider the change, seek it from a different view')