Saturday, 25 February 2017

How To Grow Your Hair Overnight!!! (Protein, oil and Scalp Massage Method)

I'm absolutely kicking myself for not taking proper photographs and documenting this process as well as I could have- might have to write a do over post some time, i'll see how I feel.

Anyway, the title isn't clickbait, I really did see significant hair growth overnight using a protein, oil and scalp massage method i'd seen on Youtube!

Naturalista Youtubers have been boasting of overnight hair growth of up to an inch for the last few years now using the method i'm going to lay out for you step by step. I'm veeeeeery sceptical about the claim that any method could grow an inch of hair overnight and a lot of the videos use very iffy methods of checking the growth (which i'm not here to bitch about so I won't go into all that- if you're interested just search 'grow your hair overnight' videos on Youtube). But still, with such positive reviews i've definitely been curious to try it for a while now- even 1mm in one night would be good after all and even with no noticeble new growth this is still a good treatment for your hair.

If you only watch one video watch this one. This girl has the most relaxing voice you will ever hear in your life and the video is good too!

What's really great about this method is that you'll probably have most, if not all, the things you need to try it in your home already. Unfortunately this version isn't suitable for vegans but I bet there is a protein substitute you could use instead!

Right let's get to it...

For stage one you will need:

  • 1 x bowl
  • 2 x eggs
  • 4 x tablespoons of oil of your choice, I used extra virgin olive oil, a lot of the Youtbers used grapeseed oil
  • A whisk or fork
  • A roll of cellophane (saran wrap)
  • A towel

1.) Whisk the eggs and oil together in a bowl. If your hair is very long you might wanna think about adding more oil. 

2.) Apply this nasty ass mixture to your hair, trying to achieve as much coverage as you can. If you can use something to apply it with, do! Plunging my hands into this phlegmy mess was the low point of my day.

3.) Wrap your hair with cellophane (seran wrap) and leave it to do it's thing for an hour. This ish drip, drip, drips- so annoying! So wrap a towel around your neck and try to busy yourself with something that will take your mind off all the oozing.

4.) Unwrap your hair and thoroughly wash out the mixture. Use cool- lukewarm water so it doesn't start to cook, making it harder to rinse out.

For stage 2 you will need 

  • Coconut oil
  • A dish or pan to heat it up with
  • Sellophane
  • hair wrap- satin scarf, do-rag etc
  • A scalp massaging brush (not essential)

5.) Heat 4 tablespoons of coconut oil just enough so that it turns to liquid. You may need to adjust this amount depending on the length and density of your hair. I used 4 tablespoons but I definitely could've just used 3.

6.) Apply the liquid oil to your damp hair. Make sure you apply it evenly, getting as much coverage as possible from root to tip. When all of the oil is on your head start massaging your scalp all over with deep circular motions. If you have a massaging brush, use this. Keep this massage up for 6 minutes. This is a very important step as encouraging blood circulation stimulates hair growth. This all gets very messy so you might want to position your head over a bucket or outside.

7.) Wrap your hair in cellophane and then wrap your head for the night, I opted for a do-rag as I thought it would keep things the most secure! Sleeping with a load of oil and cellophane on your head is surprisingly comfortable.

8.) Try to keep your head incubated for at least 8 hours. I left the oil wrap on for nearly 12 hours.
Remove the wrap and cellophane and thoroughly wash your hair. That's it... Method done!

My Results

Many Youtubers reported that their hair felt silky soft after washing out the coconut oil... That wasn't the case for me at all, my hair felt a bit crispy and when it had sufficiently dried out I applied a healthy dose of shea butter to get it feeling closer to its usual softness. 
That last photo is after I had towel pat dried my hair after washing it. As you can see the shrinkage was realllllllll!!

Because it was late when I started and I really didn't think there would be noticeable growth, I hurried through the photograph taking process and didn't do length check before and after photos. I did however take very careful before and after measurements from the middle of my forehead, crown, my sideburn area and the back of my neck. I didn't measure any noticeable growth around the sideburns or crown but to my absolute shock I measured 4-5mm growth in the middle of my forehead and at the neck. HALF A CENTIMETRE IN ONE NIGHT!! Amazing. I also noticed a fair few new hairs have sprung up around my crown, really thickening out the appearance of my hairline, lovely!


  • If you decide to try this method try not to go into it with an expectation that your hair will grow as there's no guarantee this will work for you. Remember, patience is the key ingredient to growing hair!
  • If you find the method helpful and decide to incorporate it into your hair routine, make sure not to do it more than once a month. This is a protein treatment and overloading your hair with protein could have detrimental effects.
  • After trying this method I noticed that my head was quite tender for about a day so be cautious when massaging your scalp and check for signs of protein allergy
Definitely gonna give the inversion method a go next time I take my braids out! xx

Lyrics of the day = 'If the lighting's good you have to get your phone out, bare skin, teeth when we pose for the photos, some girl are braided some girl are in cornrows but still gwan dread if we have to' taken from my current jam 'Skwod' by Nadia Rose... And yes I know i'm late... But i'm always late!