Wednesday, 28 November 2012

These Chains You Bound Around My Heart, Complete Me, Baby, I Would Not Be Free...

There are two really irritating things about this post: 1- Althougthe seam is intentially in the middle of my leg, one of my stockings had rolled down a bit at the top and I didn't notice until I uploaded the pictures and 2- It looks like my last few pictures are crooked when actually it's my clothes rail that's crooked cos I don't have a hammer to knock it into place... 

Anyway, now that i've got that off my chest, here are today's photos... And look who figured out how to shoot full body shot self-portraits, heyyyyyy!

I wasn't really up to much today so my outfit's nothing special but these are the second pair of earrings I won in the give-away I blogged about a while ago (read the post here). I wouldn't really describe myself as much of a 'Rude Gyal' at all but I am Jamaican and they look pretty good with baggy clothing.

Still haven't completely figured out lighting and perfect focus yet but you'll just have to bear with me for that...

  • Banana Republic jumper- Brick Lane Market
  • Earrings- Zoe Love (think it's closed atm)
  • Fishnet hold-ups- Primark
  • Lips- MUA black kohl eyeliner filled and blended with Nars lipstick and Illamasque lipstick in Howl

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. title = lyrics to 'These Chains' by Hot Chip)

So Baby Is It All You Got? Tell Me If You Got Some More, I'm Thinking Of Some Time Off, I'm Dreaming Of A Time You Knew Me...

So yesterday I said a bit about how I want to make a few changes here- primarily that I want to start using my Pentax instead of my crappy Lumix and stop posting so many pics with my  that include my face...

Wellllllll... I'm half way there, all today's pics were shot with my Pentax... However- they're all of my face!!...

Ha, gotta learn to walk before you can run right?! I actually managed to get relatively clear, non blurry face shots, which is the first time i've ever been able to do that when taking self-portraits on this camera!! Full body shots however are gonna take a while longer to master and I couldn't be bothered today so...

  • Shirt- from my mum's friend
  • Shorts- Ebay

... By the end i'd even figured out how to get the light right in my face but by that point all my expressions were resembling The Fonz which wasn't cute so I stopped.
Hopefully i'll have body shots down by next week.

I trust everyone's been listening to Solange's new EP True which came out today. It's so damn good!! All the songs are really catchy and in today's musical climate it really does stand out stylistically, well worth a listen if you haven't already!!

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work' by Solange from her new EP 'True')

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Life's Too Short To Even Care At All... I'm Losing My Mind, Losing My Mind, Losing Control...

One of my greatest character flaws is impatience. I'm not impatient in every sense, I don't get annoyed easily or anything like that but when it comes to things like: learning new skills, waiting for a delivery to arrive or buying something I feel I need I can be ridiculously impatient- Once my mind is made up- I want things when I want them and that doesn't always work to my advantage...

That is why I still haven't learnt how to use my camera. 

My mind was set on being able to take better photos for my blog and in general, so when my friend offered to sell me his old camera at a reasonable price I emptied what was left in my bank account and bought it.... This was several months ago.

As hasty as i'd been with making the purchase, I was so impatient with learning how to use it that it's basically been sitting on my shelf collecting dust while I use my other (inferior) camera or borrow other people's for 99% of my photographs.

Well today I decided I was finally ready to take a deep breath and tackle it again. The quality difference between the Lumix i'm always using and the Pentax I should be using is like night and day. See for yourself...-

Even though i've obviously messed around with the colour etc, the first pic (and unfortunately the best one of the bunch) was taken with my Lumix...

All the rest were taken with the Pentax...

  • Top- Ebay
  • Leopard print bra- Next
  • Chain- Forever 21
  • Robe- from a friend
  • Docs- from a friend
  • Lipstick- in Trash by Illamasque

What a difference!!!
I've always wanted my blog to have big, clear, bright pictures on it, with better detail. More about my clothes, hair and make-up products and less about my stupid, unchanging face lol...

 Maybe with a bit of intense practice I can finally put my impatience aside, stop wanting to throw my camera out the window every time a picture doesn't come out how I wanted it to and make the adjustments here that i've been wanting to make for so long...

I feel my patience increasing slightly just saying that lol

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Cough Syrup' by Young The Giant)

P.P.S Solange's new EP is out tomorrow. Yay!!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Saw The Mirror Staring Back At Me And It Told Me I'm A Self-Machine...

After posting my 'tutorial' yesterday it occurred to me that I haven't actually posted a single photo of me with my current braids!! Well these are pretty thick- more Poetic Justice /Jumbo / Patra/ Whatever you want to call them style. Excuse the terrible lighting and have a lil look...

Ha, going to pull my sheet onto my mattress properly right now, shame...
  • Knicker shorts- Ebay
  • Cheeks- MAC paintstick in Nocturnal Plum
  • Lips- MANC paintstick (same ^^) & Dior Ultragloss in 982
  • Eyes- waterline- white kohl pencil MAC, eyelid- Collection 2000 liquid eyeline, black
... And as you can see BOTH sides of my hair are shaved- dunno why people ask me that so much, both sides have been shaved for most of the year!!... Aaaaaaanyway...
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Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Self Machine' by I Blame Coco)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Played Around With Your Heart... Guess I Played Myself From The Start...

Hey booboo!!

Well i've got to say this is easily the worst tutorial i've ever seen on youtube... And it's mine!! Ha.
 Pretty much the only reasons i'm posting this here and not discarding it into my recycling bin where it belongs are:

  1. I haven't had time to do another blogpost yet this month
  2. This video took close to 8 HOURS to upload due to the super slow internet connection in my flat
  3. I despise the sound of my own nasal Mancunian voice, so in a way, i'm forcing myself to face my fear lol (but really though who talks like this??!)

Anyway, i'm braiding my hair again next week and i'm hoping to borrow a camera from someone so I can make a high quality video- with less of my babbling and more close-ups and non alien lighting so that you can actually see what i'm doing...

Seems like a good time to ask if anyone has any braiding questions?????- if you leave them as a comment or e-mail me within the next week, i'll try to address them when I re-shoot the tutorial.

Anyway, i'm out.
Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to my new favourite song 'Lover in the Parking Lot' by Solange)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fast Life Gripping, Yeah We Still Tippin, Codeine Cups Paint a Picture So Vivid, Fakes Try To Mimic, Get Girls Timid, But Behind Closed Doors They Get Oh So Rigid...

Why hello there my pretties, I know it's been a while but... Well, i'm just hopeless at being overly consistent with anything!! I have my active spurts of posting followed by a few weeks of unintentional silence and that's just the way it is, what can I say.

Anyhow, this week I shot with Arsema... Well more like she tried to shoot me whilst I freaked out about people in the streets looking at me which resulted in a lot of flaring of the nostrils and squinting.

I'm in between braiding atm so you have something a lil different to look at... If nothing else at least my hair is looking good if I do say so myself!... I'm going for a Morrissey / '40s '50s-esque look right now...

  • Jacket- a friend's
  • Hawaiian shirt- Cow Vintage
  • Jeans- Cow Vintage
  • Faux fur coat- a friend's
  • Bag- Cow Vintage... I think
  • Shoes- my mumsy
  • Lipstick- Nars 

My favourite picture is probably the last one, it was our last-ditch attempt when we got back to my flat... I dunno, I think i'm just a sucker for shadow and our so-wrong-they're-right kitchen tiles!!

What d'you think?? My hair's growing out nicely i'm sure you'll agree?!

*Also i'm repeating my request (and will keep repeating it until everyone does it) that people check my tumblr before reposting my pictures... It gets tiresome seeing pictures of yourself pop up on your dashboard that you've taken and posted on your own tumblr but yet aren't the source of, get no credit for etc... Laziness is no longer an excuse, it now takes 2 mins to check whether the pic you wanna post is already on my tumblr-
  1. Go to
  2. Click on my 'About' on the nav bar
  3. Click on 'My pictures'
  4. Hey presto, a full list of all the pictures of myself i've posted on tumblr...

 HELP A SISTER OUT- reblog from ME :p*

Love ya long time.
Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. title = lyrics to 'The Morning' by The Weekend)