Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hot Summer Days, Rock n Roll, The Way You Play For Me At Your Show... And All The Ways, I Got To Know, Your Pretty Face And Electric Soul...

So i'll explain more about this later (or if you're realllllly curious click here and read the speech under the pic, ha) when I have more writing time, but just in case there's anyone who hasn't seen yet... I'm bald!!!!... Again... And this is what i'm currently looking like...

  • Lace crop top- Forever 21
  • Genie pants- Beyond Retro
  • Earrings- Forever 21
***On another note, I forgot to film the new box braids tutorial I promised before I got the buzzcut- I'm braiding my sister's hair tomorrow so if you would like to see a tutorial demonstrated on my sister's hair please let me know by tomorrow morning via comment or e-mail***

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Young And Beautiful' by Lana Del Rey)