Monday, 26 November 2012

Life's Too Short To Even Care At All... I'm Losing My Mind, Losing My Mind, Losing Control...

One of my greatest character flaws is impatience. I'm not impatient in every sense, I don't get annoyed easily or anything like that but when it comes to things like: learning new skills, waiting for a delivery to arrive or buying something I feel I need I can be ridiculously impatient- Once my mind is made up- I want things when I want them and that doesn't always work to my advantage...

That is why I still haven't learnt how to use my camera. 

My mind was set on being able to take better photos for my blog and in general, so when my friend offered to sell me his old camera at a reasonable price I emptied what was left in my bank account and bought it.... This was several months ago.

As hasty as i'd been with making the purchase, I was so impatient with learning how to use it that it's basically been sitting on my shelf collecting dust while I use my other (inferior) camera or borrow other people's for 99% of my photographs.

Well today I decided I was finally ready to take a deep breath and tackle it again. The quality difference between the Lumix i'm always using and the Pentax I should be using is like night and day. See for yourself...-

Even though i've obviously messed around with the colour etc, the first pic (and unfortunately the best one of the bunch) was taken with my Lumix...

All the rest were taken with the Pentax...

  • Top- Ebay
  • Leopard print bra- Next
  • Chain- Forever 21
  • Robe- from a friend
  • Docs- from a friend
  • Lipstick- in Trash by Illamasque

What a difference!!!
I've always wanted my blog to have big, clear, bright pictures on it, with better detail. More about my clothes, hair and make-up products and less about my stupid, unchanging face lol...

 Maybe with a bit of intense practice I can finally put my impatience aside, stop wanting to throw my camera out the window every time a picture doesn't come out how I wanted it to and make the adjustments here that i've been wanting to make for so long...

I feel my patience increasing slightly just saying that lol

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Cough Syrup' by Young The Giant)

P.P.S Solange's new EP is out tomorrow. Yay!!


  1. too exicted bout Solo's EP coming out.
    your robe, your hair - amaze!


  2. I'm exactly the same, don't want to do anything unless its done right!! But I'm learning to just take the plunge with things and muddle through even if it takes a bit more time. I actually like the quality of the pics on here, I dunno I hate things to look too pristine, but the new camera quality is great too.
    Argh I'm so mad that tickets for her gig in Jan appear to be sold out already! I dunno if I'm desperate enough to see her to fork out to go to the Paris ones.

  3. Im just like you on that point:-)

  4. Love that sheer crop top. I am totally the same way with learning new skills, I wanna master it immediately but I don't have the drive to keep at it for months or the years necessary. I really want to improve my own photography.


Thank you bitches!! xxxx