Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Saw The Mirror Staring Back At Me And It Told Me I'm A Self-Machine...

After posting my 'tutorial' yesterday it occurred to me that I haven't actually posted a single photo of me with my current braids!! Well these are pretty thick- more Poetic Justice /Jumbo / Patra/ Whatever you want to call them style. Excuse the terrible lighting and have a lil look...

Ha, going to pull my sheet onto my mattress properly right now, shame...
  • Knicker shorts- Ebay
  • Cheeks- MAC paintstick in Nocturnal Plum
  • Lips- MANC paintstick (same ^^) & Dior Ultragloss in 982
  • Eyes- waterline- white kohl pencil MAC, eyelid- Collection 2000 liquid eyeline, black
... And as you can see BOTH sides of my hair are shaved- dunno why people ask me that so much, both sides have been shaved for most of the year!!... Aaaaaaanyway...
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Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Self Machine' by I Blame Coco)


  1. So jel that you can braid your own hair! I really want to put braids back in for the rest of winter but i'm gonna have to shell out £50 for them ;____;

    XOXO Sade

  2. Love these images. You are so stunning!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx