Thursday, 20 July 2017

Individual Crochet Faux Locs Bob Tutorial On Short Natural Hair

Filmed a half decent bob faux locs tutorial using the Jazz Nicole individual crochet method but, in typical Zizzi fashion, lost a chunk of the middle footage on a broken memory card (almost cried).

Couldn't believe how much time and pain it saved me doing them like this. Faux locs are longggggggggggg man... Like 'sorry I wont be able to make it Friday night, I just started my hair' 'but it's only Wednesday' 'yeah, I know' long. They also guarantee achey fingers. This method is faster, pain free and gives you the same visual results. You can adjust the thickness of the locs through the tightness and amount of marley hair in your braids and if you wanted a longer style, just make longer braids.

This is really versatile and in part- enjoyable! Yep, you read that right, parts of this super easy process are actually enjoyable....

So now that you're sold on giving this a go, sit back, relax and watch my 5 minute tutorial...
Don't know why my make-up looks so busted in the vid, it looked fine in person, I swear!

If you're ready to get on with it you will need:
- Crochet faux locs
- Marley hair (preferably that matches the colour of the faux locs)
- Crotchet latch hook
- Black elastics (if you're using black hair)
- Hair moisturiser of choice
- Comb (optional)

Time- 3-4 hours... Seriously that's all!!


I used 3 packs of marley hair and just over 2 packs of the crochet locs hair. There are about 50 locs on my head xx

(Lyrics of the day= 'Woman hold her head and cry cos her son had been shot down in the street and die from a stray bullet' from Johnny Was a Good Man by Bob Marley)

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