Friday, 10 June 2011

With Lips And Teeth To Ask How My Day Went, Boots And Fists To Pound On The Pavement... (Lace vest challenge day 3)

Shout out to Ronan, my 100th follower <3 Thanks to all of you.

Camera's still messed up, hence the very grainy pics. Looks like there's no hope... Time to start saving for a new one :(

This is Sophia's other suggestion... Didn't mean to do 2 of hers in a row, just worked out like that, haha...

  • Lace vest- H&M
  • Blue bra- La Senza
  • Levi's cutoffs- Vintage, Manchester
  • Boots- Shop on Oldham St that has unfortunately closed down

Graduate Fashion Week was great as always... Will do my post on it tomorrow.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to Horchata by Vampire Weekend- posted below)


  1. like the short :D

    xoxo, Céline

  2. Yay yer! This is totally something I'd wear. Congrats on your 100th follower! Im about to approach 50, I have 49. If you follow back biatch! hahaha.


  3. wow i love this! i'd definitely wear that and i love how you have the blue bra showing through, i'm always worried with my lace top but it looks great! the shorts and boots need to be in my closet too :P glad you enjoyed the fashion week :) ronan x

  4. Looking good! You have such a nice figure! Like the blue bra showing through, it adds a kind of unexpected touch. Wish it was actually warm enough outside to wear this kind of stuff atm! Weather is so crap! xxx xxx

  5. I love this, I love the shoes, I love the top,and I love your face, you're so pretty...


Thank you bitches!! xxxx