Tuesday, 21 June 2011

No One To See, I'm Free As The Breeze, No One But Me And My Memories...

Looking through my photos, tryna organise everything because there's something very annoying about disorganised files on your computer, well for me anyway... And I noticed all these pics of me in my beloved American Apparel long johns. 

Definitely one of the best items of clothing i've ever bought: Really versatile, comfy and warm- what more can you want?!

They've taken me from...

an Amber Rose-esque bald blondie...

...to a short cropped black style a la Solange, much to the amusement/horror of my boyfriend...

...to a braided up hobo sans stupid aforementioned ex-boyfriend but plus his jacket...

...to weaved up as a booted brunette in the Winter...

...to scarfs, prints and braids again in Spring...

...and now (or should I say last week before the new braids) keeping me warm on a day in during the unpredictable British Summer...

...And yet after all those wears and washes they're still in great condition!!
Guess the moral of the story is that men and hairstyles change but Long Johns always remain...
Or perhaps it's that you should invest in things you like instead of being a cheap bitch- I really should order some more lol.

Anyway, toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Travelling Light' by Billie Holiday)


  1. ohwow!
    each hairstyle change you pulled manage to pull it off so well.

    Jen xx

  2. I know what you mean about disorganized files!
    Lovely photos!


  3. :o i've tried these on once for a giggle but you've certainly proved you can turn them into actual outfits that look AMAZING! wow wow especially loving the one with you in the mustard shirt, and the spring outfit and just the long johns on their own! i'm going to be forced to buy them now!i love billie holiday almost as much as i love your hair in these pics! you are so gorgeous :) sorry about this essay i'm just stunned at how good the longjohns look! ronan x


  4. Dang I need to stop being such a cheap bitch as well. Maybe if I had a J-O-B. Not making money in the summers. boo to that. I like how we can wear our boyfriends clothes. Mine doesnt wear mine though. Its a one way street. haha.

  5. omg i love this post i love mens clothes as well lol! and i also had to take a half shown picture of my boyfriend lol he is a little shop of horror also!

    great post!

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  6. omg, i used to wear long johns to do groceries back in high school. Thanks for the memories ♥

  7. Love how versatile they are.. They really look good on all the looks.. Haha I am the same way with the files on my computer..

    All the best, Angel

  8. haha you're funny Zina! Love your blog :)


  9. The 'Amber Rose-esque' look is definitely my favourite look on you :)

  10. ooo! those long johns are so great!! and quite versatile, its nice to see where you've been with different clothing.. my favorite pair of jeans broke today, and I thought of all the memories we have shared... oh well. at least yours are holding up well :)

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Thank you bitches!! xxxx