Saturday, 4 June 2011

You Taste Like Tear Stains And Could Have Beens... But I Love A Good Train Wreck!!...

So I was looking through my blog, the really old posts and finally got to my very first post I nearly choked I pissed myself (laughed) so much!! Not so much at the pics themselves (taken in my old halls /dorm room just before I moved out, hence the bin bags, ha) but at the genuine craziness of that night- i'd been awake for 3 friggin days!!

Some of you will have seen the post where I said I wanted to form a look around this piece of Chemical Brothers music taken from the Hanna soundtrack...

...But I think I already had it sitting here!!!! Please play the music while you look through the pics if possible...

Creepy huh?! lol. I think it fits pretty well because the contrast makes it work. What d'you think??

Have a great weekend... Toodles to you bitches!! xx

P.S. PLEASE ALWAYS LEAVE THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG WITH YOUR COMMENTS!!... Even if i'm following you and you've been commenting for ages it just makes life easier for me- i'm very lazy!!

(P.P.S. Title = Lyrics from 'Written In Blood' by She Wants Revenge)


  1. aaah! so creepy! haha this song is so good though. I like that furry hood! it is awesome :)

  2. omg your i love your art, your so creative=]

  3. great make up <3 you make me think the joker and mr jack ahah ^^

  4. awesome makeup, why did you did it for

  5. Haha, thanks hun... It was a strange last minute addition to my portfolio for my uni interview!! :) xx


Thank you bitches!! xxxx