Saturday, 11 June 2011

On The Edge Of A Dream That You Have... Has Anybody Ever Told You It's Not Coming True??...

Ok, so there's quite a bulk of GFW stuff i'd like to share so i'm not gonna do it all in one massive post that  everyone's too scared to read it lol.

Instead, i've set up a youtube account to upload blog videos onto and i'm gonna feed it to ya in manageable chunks using some short videoclips I recorded and a few of my favourite stills as well.

All the graduates on stage with presenter Caryn Franklin

Today's pick is the menswear collection of Manchester University's very talented Rose Dent...
(Have a peek, the clip's less than a minute long)

And my fave pic I took was...

What d'you think?? Will we be seeing more of Rose's work in the future??

That's it for today, more GFW stuff tomorrow...
Toodles to you bitches!! xx


(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Black Balloon' by The Kills)


Thank you bitches!! xxxx