Friday, 3 June 2011

I Took The Stars From My Eyes And Then I Made A Map... (Lace vest challenge Day 1)

Hahaha thanks @ Tanya- but my box braids tutorial wouldn't be much of a tutorial- time, patience and a lot of bobby pins is all you need :)

Anyway, when I asked for ideas of how else I could wear this H&M lace vest (last post) I didn't expect you guys to come up with so many good ones!!!!...
As such i've decided i'll pull together all the suggested lace top outfits I can and then post them here so you lot can see how I interpreted your fab ideas!!... So expect to get VERY VERY bored of seeing this vest on my blog over the next few weeks!! Hahaha

I'll kick things off with the polka dot bra I mentioned in the last post...

  • lace vest- H&M
  • 90s shirt- Cow
  • polka dot bra- La Senza
  • denim cutoffs- Vintage, Oldham St
  • string bag- Retro Rehab
  • Glasses- Primarni baby

Thanks for all the comments- will get back to your blogs soon as I can but right now i'm off to the park!!

Toodles to you bitches xx
And lol @ lasophia- I hope you guys know that I only call you bitches cos of the Drake lyrics... You all seem very lovely and unbitchy to me, ha ;) 

(Title = lyrics to 'Cosmic Love' By Florence And The Machine)


  1. just wonderful *_*

  2. YEAh!
    Love the short!
    xoxo, Céline

  3. thank-you for the comment my lovely, you look gorgeous.. :) xx

  4. You look awesome in those glasses!

  5. LOVING your blog! Awesome outfit: LOVE LOVE the shirt! Now following your awesome blog

  6. love the lace and the vintage piece from COW...looove that place for Vintage..esp the Manchester branch

  7. Hahaha we a bunch of fun loving blogging bitches! yay yer! :)

  8. thank you! ^^ i have made myself the socks garters! ^^

  9. Meeeew honey your post don't come to my blogger feed :( That lace vest is fierce!

    And again...our music taste and the timing is very confusing....I just listened to the Florence this x


Thank you bitches!! xxxx