Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hopped Up Out The Bed, Turned My Swag On...

... Words made famous in the UK by Cher Lloyd's rendition of the Keri Hilson remix of 'Turn My Swag On'. Hate her or love her, she's probably gonna do big things and was spotted wearing one of my cousin watch designs on the set of her new video...

Well I went to have a nosy at their collection today and had to do another post on them cos it's so good!!
I know i'm supposed to be biased but honestly, look for yourselves...

My arms decked out in watches and rings from both collections

Neco in the popular 'black magic' watch from the ET collection

Neco and Vee wearing their watches and glasses

At the end of my visit I even snagged myself some glasses i've bin wanting for ages.
Sorry people, but you know im obsessed with black and white atm... Photos just seem to look so much more interesting this way...

And one colour photo so you can see the glasses properly...

  • Jumpsuit- H&M
  • Denim Jacket- Vintage & DIY
  • Glasses- VeeVeeandNeco

Those glasses are gonna become a Zizzi's Wardrobe staple so get used to them!! lol
If you like what you've seen you can also check VeeVee And Neco's Facebook to see updates of what they've created.

I've decided NOT to cut my hair btw, i've got used to the weight now and don't want them any shorter... Think the yeti look suits me :)

Thanks for all the comments and don't forget to LEAVE ME YOUR LINKS!!!... I will get back to all your blogs eventually, just having a busy week.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to Keri Hilson's version of 'Turn My Swag On')


  1. yeayy! keeping your hair long!! that was a good decision :)
    those watches, rings, and sunglasses are SICK! loooove them!!

  2. damm damm! VeeVeeandNeco collection looks fuckin sick!! *erm pardon my french*

    Jen xx

  3. wow the collection is AMAZING! i love all the spikes, they're supercool. wow wow wow just love it all! your photography is amazing as usual!
    i'm having a blog giveaway too :) closes tomororw, check it out! ronan x

  4. I love that song! Those watches, rings & glasses are pretty cool. Definitely swag. And you're so right about bw photos. xx

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND LOOKBOOK!-followed both

    Your hair looks amaaaazing too!

    I've just started a blog and was wondering if you could check it out? I'd really love some feedback


  6. WOW your glasses and hair are so awesome, and you've got an amazing collection of bracelets and watches!

    amziiing style


  7. I LOVE CHER!!! She turned that performance out. Those glasses and that ring are fierce! Did you say Yeti?? Girl, you must be crazy! You look hot!

    Editor & Chic

  8. looove this post, i agree that black and white pics look very interesting!
    those glasses are really amaziiing woow

  9. love the glasses, hot!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx