Monday, 18 July 2011

Sure Have Changed Since Yesterday Without Any Warning!!... (Braids Q&A)

Ok so as promised here's my braids Q&A, i'll try and address every question i've been asked that I can remember...

Q) What hair do you use to do your braids?
A) X-pression Ultra Braids, 1B. I've never used human hair to do braids and wouldn't recommend it as I can't see how you could secure it. Synthetic hair has the coarseness necessary to secure braids at the ends either by burning the ends or sealing them with hot water. The texture also looks more natural on black chicks. If you want super long braids like mine you'll need to buy synthetic for the length.

Q) How much hair did you need?
A) 6 bags

Q) How do you sleep with your braids?
A) I don't wrap my hair, it's too long, but I sleep with a satin cap on, secured with a scarf so it doesn't slip off in the night. Also satin covered pillow cases help make a comfortable night and keep your braids looking neat for longer.

Q) How do you maintain the appearance of your braids?
A) I spritz my natural hair with P.M oil each night before putting my nightcap on. Keeping your scalp hydrated is really important to maintaining the look of your braids especially as the extra strain on your natural hair can cause dryness. To elongate the lifetime of my braids I redo the braids around my hairline after  2/3 weeks which really rejuvenates the overall appearance of your braids.

Q) Are your braids heavy?
A) Yes! But after the first day or two I didn't notice any more. If you have weak hair I wouldn't recommend thick braiding like mine as it could cause breakage and too much pressure on your hairline.
If you want to do updos with long, thick braids I suggest a style that pulls forwards rather than backwards, like a big quiff- ponytails etc look nice but the weight will put a lot of pressure on your hairline and should be kept to a minimum and secured loosely... Remember girls, alopecia aint sexy!!

Q) How long did your braids take to plait?
A) My braids took me about 8/9 hours to plait because i'm hella slow at extensions and I kept getting tangles  cos they're so flipping long!! If you're really good at braiding your own hair though I reckon you could do them in 5 hours or less.

Q) How long do you keep your braids in?
A) 4-6 weeks. I wouldn't keep them in for any longer than that because they'd get too scruffy and also they'd probably start to get matted at the extension joining point leading to breakage. I recommend a natural week in between braiding to give your hair a rest. Deep conditioning during this period is a must.

And for those of you not in the slightest bit interested in this Q&A... 

...Yep, i've shaved the side of my head... again!! Still gonna continue growing my natural hair, just minus some of the right side!! Hahaha

K, that's all folks, if you have any other braids questions ask them below and i'll add on the answers.
I'll try to cobble a braids styling post together in the next week if possible.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Sunday Morning' by No Doubt)

Additional Qs-

Q) Are braids expensive?
A) Usually if you go to a salon to get them done, yes they are expensive. The price will depend on your desired length and thickness- for braids like mine i've been quoted from £90-160 which I think is quite expensive for a hairstyle that lasts 4 weeks. My advice- if you can plait you can do extensions, have a look at a few youtube tutorials and give it a go!!

Q) How did you get your buzz cut neat with braids in?
A) Well i've had my extensions in for over 4 weeks now so my hair's grown out at the roots. I chopped them off in the general area I wanted to shave then undid a few to get a neat line, shaved my head and then redid a few of my plaits!!... Who knows what my real hair is gonna look like????? looool

Q) How did you get the hair that long?
Lol, I bought it like that and just didn't cut it, it's the full length of the hair in the bag.
I've stated the hair used as the first Q!!


  1. Hot braids and fresh shave! Thanks for the p.s. Cause I couldn't figure out where I knew that song from haha.

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    the unshaven part of the hair looks so nice long!
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    got one extra question; how on earth did you manage to get your buzz-cut so neat with the braids in?

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