Thursday, 18 August 2011

Boohoo, That's Why I'm Crying For You, Someday You'll Feel Like I Do And You'll Be Boo-hoo-hooin' Too!!...

Hello chika's, sexy bitch's, hun's, lovely's and everything else I call you lot....

It's been a very busy week, but in between job hunting, working and moving into a new house, I popped down to the launch of's new Autumn/Winter collection. Besides making the most of the free champs, delicious scones (seriously, I don't even like scones but these were amazing), chats with lovely fellow bloggers and the boohoo team... AND the complimentary boohoo voucher we received in our goody bags (I literally squealed with excitement very loudly in a fashion that can only be described as ghetto *smh*), we also had a good look through the collection and there are some very tasty pieces.

I'm a big boohoo fan anyway- we all know affordable fashion is my thing. But I have to say there's a more sophisticated edge to this new stuff- a vintage current runs through it- think '40s blouses, '60s tunics and tailoring, '70s brights and maxi's. As well as all the on trend things you'd expect- floaty palazzo pants, lots of sheers, lots of colour, big knits, pretty florals, luxe faux furrrrrrrr, barbour jackets etc. But enough of my jibber jabber, i've whittled my many, many, many pics down to these favourites...

Classic barbour jackets


Loveeeeeeee this, definitely on my shopping list!!...

Cute embellished shirt

Pretty '40s inspired floral blouse

a baby blue?? little '40s number

Also gotta buy this semi-transparent metallic jumper

Gorgeous pleated palazzo's 

Getting cold??...

Tasty treats

I HATE this pic but it's the only one of me and my friend at the event so...

What d'you think?? Any favourite pieces??... I love a few things but the long sheer black shirt looks so versatile, got to get that soon as they put it on the website!!!!

This event has confirmed three things to me-
1) I must work in fashion in some capacity. An office job just wont do.
2) I NEED a good camera. Preferably a canon. More likely another Panasonic Lumix.
3) My brokeass needs some new clothes or i'm gonna have to change the name of this blog to either Zizzi's Empty Wardrobe or Zizzi's Worn Out Wardrobe. I'm definitely buying that long black blouse with my voucher!!

Right, i'm gonna be a little boohoo groupie now and put on my free t-shirt, make the hot chocolate I got in my goodie bag and go to bed.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Boohoo' by Guy Lambardo- Not familiar with the artist and haven't heard the song so i've no idea if it's any good but it's the most appropriate lyrics I found with the words boohoo in them lol)


  1. the long black blouse is my fave, great choice! i love all the pieces, i'm a sucker for anything sheer/lace/or that has a pussybow.

  2. hiya your looking fab love the dark lippy on you i brought one similar from sleek but it didn't suit me very well i looked like death but you look so retro and fab! also its funny because i recently brought a mesh black vintage looking blouse form ebay lol!
    great post!

  3. OMG, I think I may have seen you on your way to this event, yesterday afternoon, walking down Oxford Street.
    I so badly wanted to stop and say hello, but didn't want to appear like a groupie! But can I just say that you are stunningly beautiful in the flesh, you seemed really tall too - how tall are you? Or were you just wearing really high heels?
    Anyway, your pictures (as awesome as they are)cannot compete with your real life beauty - you are a stunner!

  4. sounds so great! :) there are some stunning items here, my favourite is the lace shirt definitely! you look lovely as always, love your leggings. hahaha zizzi you will always look amazing even if your wardrobe is empty :P good luck with job hunting though! xxx

  5. Thank you girlies!! It was a great event, hope I get invited to more! (hint hint)
    Hahaha, always say hello if you see me, I look moody sometimes but i'm honestly a friendly person and talk to people I don't know all the time, we're all groupies at heart ;) Thank you so much Miss. Anonymous!!!! I was wearing flats but I guess at 5'9'' i'm pretty lanky. If you see this comment please drop your blog link if you're a blogger so I can visit your page!! xx

  6. Looks like you had a fab time! I'd love to go to an even like this one! I love the embelished blouse! :)

    Chelsea x

  7. OMG!!! Zizzi!!! such a cool stuff! I just love the long sheer shirt! and the black and white coat is extremely fabulous too <3

  8. LOVE the dark lipstick, you look awesome in that photo! I'm loving the blouses, especially the one with the embellishments! Need that in my wardrobe. Hopefully you fill up your wardrobe v soon! (:


  9. aww that sounds like so much fun!
    I feel the same about working in fashion or doing more with it, also need a better camera.. blah blah..
    I loooove that sheer long black top.. it is pretty much perfect.

  10. Haha, I swear I'm gonna steal that title if I dont get me some new clothes soon. Lily's Empty Closet sounds gd.

    And hi5 that sheer shirt is a must have

  11. I need that black fur (or faux fur) sleeveless jacket!!! and yes get that sheer blouse!

  12. totally gettting the sheer dipped mai top aswell!
    nice meeting you :)

    x x

  13. dark lippy looks fuckin hot (pardon my french)
    the fur, the sheer blouse mate everything is nice.

    J x

  14. you're a stunner.



Thank you bitches!! xxxx