Thursday, 1 December 2011

In December Drinking Horchata I'd Look Psychotic In A Balaclava...

I have literally been waiting all year to use those lyrics for a blog post and now, finally, December has arrived!! Might actually need a balaclava when I go to Manchester for Christmas, it's gonna be absolutely freezing!
Anyway, this is a real quickie, took these rather crappy pics on my webcam... Just showing you guys my new braids!! I put them in yesterday, they're long as ever, just a little bit thinner this time...

So there you go, still shaving the side of my head and the braids are back. Did miss 'em! What d'you reckon??
Stay tuned for more of my 'Hairytale' (still love you for that one Sophia)!!

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Horchata' by Vampire Weekend)


  1. I LOVE the braids on you! I might be slightly biased, having box braids myself, but I just prefer them all round - and that's not to say that you didn't look just as gorgeous without them!
    You're looking particularly purrdy in these pics, my dear!

  2. manchester is freezing right now! love the braids. very nice :)

  3. Fab as ever! You really wear braids well, I'm jealous! My heads too
    big for braids, Haha.


  4. The hairy tales will never end. Im glad to see the braids. Im a fan.


Thank you bitches!! xxxx