Thursday, 1 March 2012

If You Should Ever Leave Me, Though Life Would Still Go On Believe Me, The World Could Show Nothing To Me, So What Good Would Living Do Me??...

Well yesterday I said i'd do another post to show my new braids... Unfortunately by the time I got round to close-ups the sun had started to go down and the dull, artificial glare of my lights combined with the glimmers of sunlight still leaking through the window was just making everything look very shadowy and crap. S yeah, i'll try and do those head shots tomorrow or over the weekend...

For now you'll have to be satisfied with these images of me wearing knee highs for the first time EVER!!
(Please try and contain your excitement)...

  • Fringed top- Forever 21
  • Leather shorts- Topshop
  • Floral knee highs- Primark
  • Floral shoes- Forever 21
  • Bag- Vintage, Oldham St
  • Glasses- Primark
  • Bangle- I think, but not positive, it was from Shared Earth in Manchester

  • Lips- Sleek lipstick in Naked & Lancome lip gloss in Grapefruit
  • Cheeks- Nars blush in Taj Mahal

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to possibly my favourite song, 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys)


  1. love those shoes and your shirt

  2. Oh those flowery shoes are to die for! And you look pretty as always! x

  3. your hair gets me every time!!! And I love your style :) and that song :P


  5. loveee this! of course i remember bumping into you haha and i knew it was you from your hair haha! i loveeeee your hair, it's amazing! gorgeous top as well! i hope you're well :) xxx

  6. I love your tee and those knee highs are adorable!:)


Thank you bitches!! xxxx