Sunday, 19 August 2012

Say You're My Lover, Say You're My Homie, Tilt My Chin Back, Slit My Throat, Take a Bath In My Blood, Get To Know Me, All out of My Secrets, All My Enemies Are Turning Into My Teachers...

I look quite manly in this photoset but hopefully the more I allow other people to take my picture, the less nervous and fugfaced i'll look when they do!!!... These were all taken and edited by Sam, you can look at his amazing website here ...
I take absolutely no credit for the idea of wearing tights as a top as i'm doing in these pictures... I saw it on my tumblr dash the other day and thought it was a great idea- imitation is the greatest form of flattery etc etc. Anyway, I put my own off-the-shoulder spin on it... Have a look...

  • Necklace- Forever 21
  • Top- DIY
  • Leggings- Oldham St, Manchester (forgot the name)
  • Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
So what d'you think??
I think i'm gonna start posting DIY how-tos, they look fun to do!

My room looks like a bomb hit it so i'm off to tidy up... Hope you lot had a lovely weekend, don't forget to leave your blog link if you comment... Provided you actually have a blog ;)

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Truth' By Alexander)

P.P.S. I opened a new twitter account, still not getting it because i'm always 5 years behind everyone with that stuff but you can find me at


  1. I toward tops with tights in the 90's hahaha that memories

  2. pretty pictures, love your hair x

  3. Beautiful shoes and hair!!!

    kisses from Barcelona :)

  4. I really look forward for your new post your style is so inspirering .. Ive shared your blog in a post on my blog under the menu blogs i like:-)

  5. Lovee your style, I have no idea how you handle them braids hehe
    would love it if you could check out my blog : )

    1. I tried to but your blog is invite only!! xx

  6. Hah you definitely don't look manly in the pics, you're so pretty :)

  7. the leggins are cool! & i love your hair.


  8. dope ass pictures, I really dig your hair

  9. Your style is sick! we cannot have enough of it!XOXO


Thank you bitches!! xxxx