Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bob Marley Poet and a Prophet, Bob Marley Taught Me How To Off It, Bob Marley Walkin' Like He Talk It, Goodness Me Can't You See I'm Gonna Cough It...

Two second post to show you guys my new hair... Ok, so it's not that new but after many, many months of searching i've finally got my hands on some marley braiding hair (it's really hard to come by in hair shops in England).
I'm pretty happy with the results- they're basically just a coarser version of my usual braids, which looks more different in person than I can catch on camera. If anyone's getting a little bored of wearing regular braids i'd suggest this to keep things interesting. Plus they weigh a lot less so I reckon i'll be able to style them in various up-dos a lot easier...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd back to essay writing...

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title= lyrics to 'Give It Away'' by Red Hot Chili Peppers)


  1. I usually marley braid but i've never seen packs that long! where did you find it in the end or did you just extend? x

    1. I wondered the same thing!
      Your hair's great. I have marley braids in atm but will have to take them out soon. They're a lot easier to style.

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    2. Hi, yes, basically I extended them- I used 3 strands for each braid and each strand is used pretty much to it's full length with just an inch or two left to attach it at the root.
      I'm having trouble explaining it but I hope that makes sense (will be making a tutorial soon) xx

  2. Good luck with your essay beautiful

  3. Love this texture. I wonder if we have anything like it in these parts...

  4. hey z..its been a while...i missed your blog. so anyways i love the hair and the length of the braids too. is this by some chance kinky hair..are they curly from the box coz they sure look like it...if i dont see this tweet me via @quirkything. im planning to plait my own hair ( crazy i know) and i have kinky braids. i was thinking of doing twists but i like the rough look of the braids too.

  5. i do looove this look, here in germany its even much harder to get hair like this :/


Thank you bitches!! xxxx