Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When Your Life Is Tangled, You Wear Your Disguises, But What Do You Need To, When I'm Standing Here Beside You??...

Gahhhhh, cant believe it's been a month since I posted- time is flying by right now, hopefully things will slow down by the end of May though!!
However I did take these bombass photos (if I do say so myself) today after I realised how long it's been!! Ha...

Haven't bought much recently (don't have the money or the time) but these are two of my more recent acquisitions...

  • Shirt- Beyond Retro
  • Shorts- Forever 21

What d'ya think??
As usual please re-blog rather than reposting- all pics will be on zizzisfaces

BTW my e-mails are starting to stack up a bit- if you're awaiting a response from me i'm not ignoring you i'm just getting through them when I can <3

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Armour Love')


  1. I REAlly like the hair and that is what i am trying to do, but what kind of extensions did you use ?

  2. Your marley braids still look great. I love how retro the F21 shorts look. Great outfit x

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  3. I want your shirt and your hair! What lipstick/thing are you wearing?

  4. You look AMAZING - those shorts are stunning! I love your hair too xo

  5. You are so gorgeous!! I love your hair and your make-up is so nice!


  6. I love this style! Your hair, the colors all wonderful!

  7. Totes love your outfit

  8. Love the print shirt. You have an interesting way of matching clothes. I like it


Thank you bitches!! xxxx