Wednesday, 31 July 2013

You Was Foolin' Me Once Before, But I Tell Ya There's No Foolin' Me Twice No More, Cos When I Open Up My Third Eye, My Third Eye, You Can't Get Away With Murder, With Murder...

This was my day.
In chronological order!!...

... Basically eating Albion cafe desserts and looking a lil scary messing around with make-up.

Productivity is my middle name after all.

Day off well spent.

  • Jewellery- all Forever 21... Except...
  • Eye ring- Amelia's from Topshop... Soon i'm gonna have to rename this blog Amelia's Wardrobe, ha
  • Shirt- Beyond Retro
  • Jacket- Vintage, Oldham Street, Manchester
  • Shorts- Beyond Retro
  • Headscarf- was it from The Shop?!?!
  • White liquid eyeliner- Illamasque
  • Black liquid eyeliner- Collection 2000
  • Nail polish- Nails Inc

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title= lyrics to 'Third Eye' by Black Eyed Peas)


  1. Lovely eye make-up, great work (love using white liner myself!) <3

  2. Love your rings..

  3. Your eyes maku up is just waouhhh and the outfit seems great!

  4. Your gorgeous and I so want that ring!

  5. i love the hair cut!!! Lovely!

  6. nice outfit and i need to learn some eye make up tricks as im loving yours hope youve been cool!!

    i greetings from a new blog visitor enjoyed reading your blog posts just thought id reply to your 'any bloggers out there' lol



    P.s if you can please check out my fashion documentary with you >

  7. You eyeliner is fab and that cookie looks nice too! x

  8. wooow your make up is stunning <3


Thank you bitches!! xxxx