Friday, 12 July 2013

Oh You're Different, You're Different From The Former, Like A Fresh Battery I'm Energised By You...

Back!!!... Still as fed up with my wardrobe as ever but at least my blog is looking kinda refreshed... New layout, new header (designed by Layla) and a new blog name to boot... I'm now Zizzi's Locker (though my url will remain the same), to reflect the fact that I don't only blog about my clothes.

Today i'm sporting a top I bought in Afflecks Palace a few weeks ago. You can't really tell in the pics but it's pretty see through and perfect for the baking weather we've been having in London recently as it's probably the closest you can get to being naked without actually being naked, ha...

  • Top- Afflecks Palace (Manchester)
  • Necklace- Forever 21
  • Lion earrings- Forever 21
  • Rings- Forever 21
... I expect i'll be wearing this a lot over the next few weeks, might wear it to Lovebox next weekend actually, hmmmmm.

My hair has been growing for 5/6 weeks now and i've got all kinds of ranting to do about that in my next post...

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'New' by No Doubt)


  1. you keep it simple and i love it!

  2. Hey Hun! Lovely posts again!
    I was lovely to meet you yesterday on the coach to Bristol. Hope you are having a lovely time there!
    Tina x

    1. :) Thanks love, was nice meeting you too!
      I was only there for the day but ut was lovely cos of the weather xx

  3. thank you! I want post new drawing. for the moment I have just post new outfits post on my other blog.
    I love your sporty outfit! Iprefer your last hair but this is still very cool

  4. Love your top. I wish I had something similar, I've been melting in this weather! x


Thank you bitches!! xxxx