Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Skeleton We Are So Close... But You Have Got No Body So Why Do You Insist On Wearing Clothes?...

In the spirit of actually having followers on my blog now (for which i'm very grateful btw, cheers!)... I wanted to keep up the posting. But as i've got so much work to do this week I don't really have any time so here are what I regard as my 3 most decent looks posted on lookbook so far...

Looking like an extra from Dawn of the Dead...

Looking like an extra from Lady Gaga's Telephone music video...

Can't think of what i'd be an extra in wearing this out fit but- Long Johns!!!!!

Toodles to you bitches ( ...Drake helps me concentrate) xx

(Title = lyrics from Skeleton Song by Kate Nash)


  1. I loveee your style. *.*

    Your looks inspire me ;D

  2. love the prints so much !



Thank you bitches!! xxxx