Saturday, 7 May 2011

Garage Glamorous, Not Sure What It Means, But This Photo Of Us, It Don't Have A Price, Ready For Those Flashing Lights...

Bought this black and white bodycon mini dress yesterday in H&M. My friend had been wanting me to buy it for a while but whenever we went in, it was never there. But we were browsing around yesterday and there it was. So I bought it... Beautiful story huh?! lol...

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics from my favourite Lady Gaga song PAPA, 'PAPARAZZI')


  1. you look so rad. I looove the pattern on your dress. Also your hair is great! I always look forward to you posting looks.. Have a good rest of your weekend.

  2. That last picture is phenomenal! It could easily be in a magazine. Beautiful dress. I can never pull off bra-less cuts tho.

  3. gosh you look freaking editorial, absolute hot stuff!
    love the black and white concept you have going on, compliments the detailing beautifully xxx

  4. Thought this was Solange for a second.

    Great blog, loving your edgy style..x

  5. I said the same thing every time I see your hair! they are great!

  6. sexy!!! love that its backless, and of course the print.

    you have an amazing figure!

    thanks for following me :)


  7. love these pictures. you look amazing :)

  8. Erm. Omg. I actually just read your profile thingie. HAHAHAHAH you put menstruating as part of your interests. LOL.

    I am sure your coolness stems from the fact that you're a northerner hahah... Go usss northerners!

    Love the dress, as well btw!

  9. I'm going to steal your dress . check your closets tomorrow ^.^


Thank you bitches!! xxxx