Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Son I'm 30, I Only Went With Your Mother Cos She's Dirty, And I Don't Have A Decent Bone In My Body, What You Get Is Just What You See...

Afro times!!!! Admittedly it's only been for two days but I want my hair at a better length before I start keeping it out and any black girl reading this will know that keeping it in extensions, weave etc etc is the fastest way to grow afro hair.

This dress is as summery as I could ever look and I wear it at least once a Summer. I must've had it since I was 17. One of my favourite buys from Retro Rehab ( that vintage dress shop i'm always going on about on Oldham St in Manchester)...

Right, i'm off to go melt now... Never understood the appeal of hot weather... Gimme some snow and a wool cape any day!! 

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'KINKY AFRO' by Happy Mondays)


  1. your dress is really cute! i love the collar! ;)

  2. totally wickedly afro chic!!!

    you now have a fan in south africa :)

    freak sneezes

  3. You have a 'fro also? Yaaaay!

    I lovee the dress! It's so beaut. And the winged liner...

    Totally disagree on the snow thing. I lovee getting me legs out! Lol..


  4. eep! you are so beautiful! and the dress is great <3

  5. Great dress! Very ethnic. Goes great with your hair )

  6. *hi-5* dont understand the appeal in being hot + shiny.

    The dress is too cute.

    Jen xx

  7. I'm absolutely in love with you dress!!!

    Found you after searching on lookbookers from London..great blog!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx