Sunday, 12 February 2012

If I Should Die This Very Day Don't Cry Cos On Earth We Wasn't Meant To Stay And No Matter What People Say I'll Be Waiting For You After Judgement Day...

Every so often you hear a piece of news that shocks you right to your core- I genuinely can't believe Whitney Houston has passed away- Who wasn't brought up on her music?? You couldn't escape it. Musical legend. One of my favourite singers Etta James also passed away recently. My prayers go out to their family and friends- two beautiful, talented and very influential women in the music industry.

I'm becoming hopelessly sporadic at this blogging business for various reasons but here are some pics I snapped today cos I felt guilty about my ongoing neglect of this Secret Wardrobe of mine. As you can see Zizzi Scissorhands just can't stop shaving her hair off!!! In addition to the cut I had recently, i've re-shaved the side and also shaved some off the other side cos the length of the hair there was getting on my nerves. So I guess I have a bit of a mohawk going on now...

  • Vest top- mystery storage item!!
  • Hold-ups- Primark
  • Ring- my friend's, from Topshop I think

  • Lips- Illamasque lipstick in Pristine
  • Eyes- Maybelline Gel eyeliner & Maxfactor Masterpiece Mascara

So yeah, that's what i'm looking like atm. What d'ya reckon??

And out of interest what's your favourite Whitney Houston and/or Etta James song/s?? Mine are probably It's Not Right But It's Ok on the Whitney front and I'd Rather Go Blind for Etta, though it's pretty hard to pick just one for either.

Have a laid back Sunday everyone!!
Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'My Love Is Your Love' by Whitney Houston)


  1. That lipstick is giving me liiiiiiife! You look amazing!

  2. OMG you're amazing. Love it all you're fucking sexy I wnat to have your body ahahha
    I love what you had done to your hair! I have shaved head too

  3. your hair looks great. i love your constant reinventions!

  4. great seing you on my dash !!!!!
    you look great like usual

    and i love whitney she was so amazing , i will always love gives me chills till this day xoxo

  5. you're so beautiful and I love your style! following you now! xx

  6. I thin only YOU can rock that so hard! Good looks.x

  7. I like your Mohawk thingy myself



Thank you bitches!! xxxx