Monday, 8 October 2012

My Black Fire's Burning Bright Maybe I'll Go Out Tonight, We Can Paint The Town In Blue...

So there is quite a history that built up to today's post... Sit down and get comfortable kiddies, i'm gonna tell ya a little story...

In the summer of last year I entered a give-away on a blog for two pairs of earrings. I didn't really consider the fact that i'd let my ear piercings heal up a few years ago and didn't think I had any chance of winning... but a few days later I received an e-mail that I had in fact won... Wooooooo... but hold on, how could I wear the beautiful earrings that were travelling across the Atlantic to me with no holes to hook them through?!
So I resolved it was time to get my ears re-pierced and needlessly-long story short, a year later I put my fear of ear piercing guns aside and did.

I'd kept my earrings safe and sound in their boxes and now, finally, I can wear them.

This is my favourite pair, they are in the shape of Africa and painted with a leopard print...

(Photographed by

  • Africa earrings- Zoe Love
  • Tank- Brick Lane
  • High waisted knickers- American Apparel

My one qualm with these photos is that they look like we shot them against a screen, or copied and pasted me onto the background when we actually just shot them against our recently painted blue bedroom wall. Oh well.

What d'you think of the earrings?? I can't wait to wear them out!

*This isn't directly related to this post but this has been nagging at me for a while now- my tumblr zizziswardrobe contains almost all of the pictures I post here on my blogspot... So while I am grateful to people using my pictures on their tumblr's it'd be helpful if you could check my tumblr before posting anything and reblogging my pics from there if you can find them rather than posting them yourself. This helps me to promote both of my blogs (tumblr and blogspot) and keep better track of where my page views are coming from.

If you can't find the picture you want to use or are posting the pic on a blog, feel free to post it yourself but please always include a link to either my tumblr page or my blogspot and if it's a blog please let me know you've used the picture. Sorry to rant but it's necessary.*

K, i'm off to watch Solange's 'Losing You' video... AGAIN!!

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Serial Killer' by Lana Del Rey)


  1. Oops! I used one of your shots on this but I linked back here. I always try to link back.

    Love the earrings.

    1. Lol, reading myself back I sound angrier than I meant to, it's only really directed at people who always use my pics and never credit me or let me know!! Thanks for the inclusion in your post :)

  2. I really love your blog..great post and you rock that outfit...your biggest fan:-)

  3. Sometimes a little scary is good ;). You're one of the best braid-having bloggers on the internets.

  4. lurvv those knickers cheeky! still in love with your braids x

  5. Hair is rocking !! your body, I'm off to work out lool :')

  6. losing u is the best video i've seen in a while! amazing pictures, doll. love the earrings n knickers, plus your hair looks great as always


  7. Within 5 mins of checking out your blog i've now followed, fallen in love with this post in particular and now checking the link for the earrings - loves it!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx