Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Feel The Warmth We'll Never Die, We're Like Diamonds In The Sky...

Firstly, I just created a facebook page for Zizzi's Wardrobe. I never really wanted one and have fought it for a long time but it just makes sense if I ever want this lil blog to pick up any speed...

So here's the link, I don't ask you guys for much but if you have facebook and are a fan of my blog please go over and like the page cos if I don't have 50 likes by the end of next week i'll probably shut it down out of frustration and turn to alcohol!! No pressure, just sayin.

Anyway, it's been quite a while since I did a post that was in any way artistic.
Sam is refusing to take any more pictures of me atm, (booooooo)... So here's a self-shoot I did after watching some turban tutorials on youtube...

I can't be bothered to list where all the jewellery came from- a few pieces are from Forever 21 and some of the rings are my friends.
I bought the material for the turban from an African shop in Upton Park (East London).
My lipstick is from Nars.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Diamonds' by Rihanna)


  1. that neck piece is outta this world!

  2. Love the headwrap and rings, gansta. *Insert I know nothing about make-up but let's pretend tone here* I like the strong red lip. I've been looking for proper red rouge for a while now.

    PS: I've had my blog/writing/meaningless FB page for over six months and only 20 people have liked it... :(meh. Liked yours ;)

    1. Ha, you need to promote it!!
      What's your fb page?? I'll like it! And thanks for liking mine xx

  3. Awesome turban! I thought about getting an FB, still undecided LOL
    Of course, I liked your page :)

  4. You look like a cross between Cleopatra and a West African warrior queen. Divine.

  5. Beautiful pictures, such a stunning selection of jewellery xx


Thank you bitches!! xxxx