Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Got The Walls Kicking Like They Six Months Pregnant...

Every time I've been away from the blogspot blogosphere I always come back saying something lame about how much has (or more often than not, hasn't,) changed and carry on blogging as sporadically as before... Well this time things really have changed... Cos i'm pregnant!!!!!!... Yes, pregs, preggo, up the duff, with child, however you wanna say it- I am pregnant and come September shall be welcoming a beautiful (fingers crossed lol) little boy into the toxic fumes of our London life.

This has all reignited my interest in blogging and so here I am... Camera on standby and ready to share/vent... At the time of writing i'm 24 weeks pregs which seems a good time to start regularly updating about weekly changes in preggo land as there seem to be more to update on at this point...

I'm gonna start off with a post I wish someone had written for me to read in the early days... From what i've read so far pregnancy blogging and literature in general is all super cutesy and joyous which is far from my style. Before anyone says it I know everyone's pregnancy is different etc etc, take this with a pinch of salt, things wont go down like this for everyone...

5 things I wish someone had warned me about pregnancy...

(Only just realised how exceptionally watermarked the mirror was when I took this pic, gross)

  1. One day you will wake up with massive, swollen ankles and feet!... I know this isn't exactly a secret but the level of swelling is somewhat unbelievable. Your feet will look like sausages and your ankles will morph into kankles. No amount of rest or wearing flat shoes will change this. Get used to a few months of ugly, spread out, dinosaur feet.
  2. Your poop will stink, regardless of what you've eaten that day!... Babydaddy begged me not to include this but I don't care if this is TMI, someone should warn pregnant women of how stinky their poo's will become!!!! I've set a half an hour rule for how long people should wait if they're using the bathroom after i've had to do a number 2.... Seriously, a pregnant woman's number 2 is like a non-pregnant woman's number 4. So wrong but so unavoidable.
  3. Early pregnancy might make you feel like you've gone into a coma- in the very early stages of my pregnancy, like weeks in before I actually knew that I was pregnant, I was sleeping for about 12 hours a night. My boyfriend kept poking fun at me for being bed bound and lazy- a few weeks later we found out that I was in fact pregs. I've always enjoyed a good, long night's sleep- I can't really have a good day with less than 8.5/9 hours sleep, but sleeping for 12 hours, feeling completely shattered all day and falling asleep randomly throughout the day was not pleasant. If you know you're pregnant and are feeling tired allow yourself the sleep- you need it... Growing a baby is difficult work!
  4. There comes a point where nothing you own fits you any more- Again, not a secret but it can be quite a shock if your bump sneaks up on you like mine did... Up until the end of month 4 to 5 my belly wasn't seeming all that large, I could still fit into most of my old clothes if I just moved up a notch or two on my belt. I'd put it down to being quite tall and having a long torso. Fast forward a month or two and my belly, hips and booty were all popping into another dimension. The whole thing is doubly annoying if you only wear high-waisted clothing... As I did. Maternity clothes are gross. I do not plan on buying any. So i'm keeping my eyes peeled on Etsy and Ebay for cheap stretchy/baggy vintage dresses and jumpsuits that i'll still be able to wear next Summer.  
  5. Aches and pains- Not much to elaborate on here just expect lots of different aches and pains. I spend most of the night bending and stretching my legs and turning from side to side... As uncomfortable as it is it's still ten times better than period pains though!
It seems almost surreal to be writing about my pregnancy and reflecting on how much life will change when my son is born. A year ago, amidst weekly piss ups with my friends and having little more planned beyond wanting to go to Outlook Festival in the Summer, if someone had predicted i'd be having a baby I would have laughed myself into hysterics... Now I can easily spend hours browsing contentedly through baby products. Weird. Very weird.
As usual feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail and i'll get back to you as soon as I can. I wont only be posting about pregnancy/baby stuff btw. xx

(Title = lyrics to 'The Morning' by The Weeknd)


  1. Wow congratulations! I'm glad you're back to blogging again!


  2. Congrats Zi! I agree, those airy fairy blogs and sites don't prepare you one bit for this journey. You learn so much in those 40 weeks and beyond, its crazy!

    One thing I learned, that nobody thought to tell me, is that the contractions hurt waaay more than the actual pushing!

    Siobhan x (Couldn't be bothered signing in somewhere so posting as anon ha)


Thank you bitches!! xxxx