Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Was Like A Satellite Spinning Away, Almost Lost Forever and Leaving No Trace...

So, after two years the baldy returns! I'm not sure if I cut my hair cos a) I really wanted to, b) I am far too impatient to ever grow really decent length hair or c) I spent too long reading horror stories about post-birth hair loss... Whatever my reasoning, or lack of, it's done now and I intend to stick with cropped styles for at least the rest of this year.

I absolutely hated this photo set when I was first looking over it, but the day after, with a fresh pair of eyes, it didn't seem so bad after all. Flash not co-operating with me during the first half of the shots has allowed for a nice bit of shadow and contrast and the last photo is serving so much warts-and-all, scarred, puffy-eyed realness that I actually kinda like that too...

So there you have it... Buzzed and ready for me to dye the life out of it!
I'll be posting this photoset on Tumblr for Blackout tomorrow morning so if you wish to you can reblog them from here. As usual I request that you don't re-post anything xx

(Title = Lyrics to 'Unstoppable' by Lianne La Havas... Whose own incredible hair is deserving of a blogpost itself, dayum)

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