Sunday, 31 March 2013

She Is D- Delirious, I- Incredible, S- Superficial, C- Complicated, She is O- Oh oh oh...

Sorry I haven't been posting this month- my internet at home was out for three weeks and I haven't had the time to upload posts elsewhere. Busy couple of months coming up with uni deadlines and exams, as i'm sure is also the case for many of you, but i'll try not to disappear.

Anyway, back to today. Finally, after 2 years of deliberation, I have a pair of black American Apparel disco pants... Wearing them far too often, but they do make my arse look mighty good!! Pahaha. Plus they go with everything and suck you in pretty nicely as well, have a peep...

... If you are one of the eight women left on earth who don't have a pair of disco pants and would like to buy some, I have only one tip- ORDER DOWN!! Honestly, you must or they'll be too big.

Toodles to you bitches!! xx

(P.S. Title= lyrics to 'D.I.S.C.O' by Ottowan)


  1. You hair is so amazing, you look so beautiful in these photos xo

  2. LOL @ toodles to you bitches!! I love it!

    Editor & Chic
    @Stylekitty on IG

  3. I like your braids amazing ! this pant is nice


Thank you bitches!! xxxx