Monday, 21 February 2011

Take Her Back To Wondaland, She Thinks She Left Her Underpants....

WOW!! Just had a look through the Vivienne Westwood Red Label A/W 2011 collection and it's pretty amazing.
Vivienne Westwood has always bin a big favourite of mine and although i've not got a lot of time, (preparing a presentation for uni tomorrow) i'm gonna post my 10 favourite looks from the Alice in Wonderland inspired collection.

The lady herself

To view the rest of the incredible collection why not have a look on where i've borrowed these pics from.

Ciao bitches xx

(P.s. Title = Lyrics from 'Wondaland' by my beloved Janelle Monae)


  1. This collection is amazing, I love the use of checkered print and velvet. Casual, yet sophisticated, my fave! x

  2. Great collection. I dont know why, but I really love that checkered suit.


Thank you bitches!! xxxx