Friday, 4 February 2011

They Were Too Cool To Run My Race, You Kept The Pace With a Smile On Ya Face...

So it's creeping close to the time i'm gonna feel the need to radically change my hairstyle. Every time I do this I seem to ritualistically end up spending at least an hour marvelling over pictures of Kelis and Solange Knowles for inspiration. Please forgive me in advance for the ridiculously unoriginal nature of this post but I feel I really must share some of my favourite Solange hair looks...

The stunning but controversial cropped hairstyle... Which I too had for a while, though I accidentally went a step further, going nearly completely bald and then dying the remains blonde.

The afro (weave) A personal favourite of mine, love the modern shaping...

And most recently pictured here with DJ Samantha Ronson, sporting braids!!... Yes braids. Wow!

Well my mind is pretty much made up... pic 2; afro à la Solange is my next hairstyle. Hope it works out and I end up looking as chic as Solange and not like the infamous Makosi from series 6 of Big Brother. Gah.

I look forward to seeing whatever hairstyles the trendsetter will be unveiling over the course of the year as well as keeping an eye on her clothes... The girl can dress! So look out for future posts. xx

(p.s. title = lyrics from 'I Decided' by Solange)


  1. l see the wig your looking for.check youtube for wig review muffinsismylover does lots of wig review you might find what your looking for on her channel or check out this link

  2. She looks so pretty, no matter what hair cut she has. LOVE HER


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