Saturday, 12 February 2011

You Rush Into Destruction Cos You Don't Have Nothing Left, The Mothership Can't Save You So Your Ass Is Gon' Get Left...

Well I wanted an afro... I searched high and low for afro hair in black hair shops but pickings were slim and everything just looked like bad fancy dress wig hair to me... So i've opted to have braids for the time being... My search for decent quality afro hair continues...

Looking very ethnic i'm sure you'll agree!! lol
Off to work on the paper dress project (previous post) now. xx

(P.s. title = lyrics from 'On & On' by Erykah Badu)

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  1. hun l have a afro wig on my blog its called the la jay wig by vanessa. seen if you like it . nice braids and lipstick hun


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