Thursday, 13 October 2011

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, Because The Cats The Only Cat Who Knooooooows Where It's At...

Time flies when you're living in a dump!!!
This is a goofy post, possibly even goofier than the word goofy, but I really don't like to neglect me old Secret Wardrobe for too long... So here... Take a look at the new hellhole I am living in right now-

The curtainless window that leaves me exposed to the street, perfect for flashing

No, not the effects of flash- an actual crack in my window!!

A burned out plug socket- very useful when you want to get electrocuted...

So as you can see- this new place of mine is far from ideal- add to that the cockroaches I spotted on a late night toilet trip the other day and I really am ready to run away screaming move- AGAIN!!  Seriously considering renting a house boat. Cheap to run- can park up close to uni and plus, not many people can say they've lived on a boat!! Hmmm

Anyway, i've done a  little bit of shopping recently- My favourite buy has to be this cat pajama suit I bought from Primarni-


And yes, cider is the only way to deal with living here...

I think i'm actually addicted to shaving my head!!...

So that's it for now- I definitely recommend a PRIMARK trip to anyone who lives close by to one cos their pajamas are just too good right now, perfect for the Winter and this only set me back £12- bargain!
I've been working like a mad woman the last few weeks but do drop me your blog links if you have them- Eventually I get round to everyone, promise!!

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat' from one of my Disney favourites The Aristocats)


  1. Aristocats are my dawwwwwgs!!!

    And I have one of those onesies! Got 'em for christmas - mine is Rudolph... even have the nose and everything! Lol.

    Yep... I used to be addicted to shaving my hair also! It can feel very liberating, yes?



  2. those pajamas look so comfy i wannnnt !!! *off to primark*


  3. i've got those jammies in red as well. so so comfy indeed.

  4. I have a pair of hello kitty ones, minus the hoodie and plus the long sleeves!!

  5. too cute that onesie.
    wait wait you work in Westfield right? or maybe you just have a look-a-like.

    J x

  6. random but i wanted to ask what you're gonna do when your hair grows out from the shaved bits..? Relax it?


  7. Awww you poor thing! I've had my share of cucaracha encounters living in Mexico. The worse are the flying ones. Hang in there! Your hair looks fly! How many times is it now that you've shaved it? Lllooove it. I want to do it too. Maybe I'll grow some balls.

  8. thank you doll

  9. ahhhh your hair is freaking rocking miss you look a gem and there is too much to love here! Xx

  10. Oh lovely cat suit! You always look so pretty! Congrats on you new crib!

  11. love the cat PJs


Thank you bitches!! xxxx