Saturday, 1 October 2011

I Simply Must Go - But Baby It's Cold Outside...

Ok so as a 'fashion' blogger I shoulda posted this approximately 5 months 18 million years ago I KNOW. But I just stumbled across the catwalk shots of the Hermes Autumn Winter 2011/12 collection and some of the pieces really blew me away.
These two were probably my favourites...

Stunning, stunning, stunning!! Had to share, late as I am.

What do you think?? And which styles will be keeping you snug through the Winter??? I noticed people seem to care less about style during the colder months, opting for warmth or whatever but on the whole i'd rather freeze and look the way I wanna look- with the exception of a few fur coats and capes i'm really not one for wrapping up. This year though it might be nice to not have to listen to the incessant chattering of my own teeth, so if anyone has any pointers of how to balance not freezing with changing up your style lemme know?!

Thanks for all the feedback on my hair and please don't get me wrong- I do what I want with my hair and style all the time I was just hoping not to disappoint subscribers who'd taken inspiration from my braids in particular- Which i'm missing like crazy right now!!

Lastly, to answer a few points- I get my eyebrows threaded in a tiny salon just down the road from Mile End station, it's above a kebab shop or something- Glamorous I know, but well worth it. Don't know the name but you can't miss it. And don't worry- the artsier posts will be returning soon, got a few little things planned but i'll explain more about that later...

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to Bing Crosby's 'Baby Its Cold Outside')


  1. the geometric trousers in browns <33 wish i went to LFW

  2. geometric prints <3!

  3. Hey, I love winter because I get to layer like crazy. Getting up early when its still dark is gruesome so oversized jumpers with print leggings or tights in different/bright colours brings some sunshine to the mornings, topped with a great fur coat.But if you have to get the train like me it sucks cos I get so hot lol...

  4. sorry here's my link

  5. Beautiful! Ugh, autumn tones and layering. Such a must!



Thank you bitches!! xxxx