Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I Really Don't Like Your Skinny Jeans So Take Them Off For Me...

So me and Arsema were out looking for a greasy spoon to eat in a few days ago and stumbled across this cafe. Not quite greasy enough for my taste but what can you do??!! 
Well we snapped away as usual, or Arsema snapped whilst I sat looking uncomfortable as the waiter stared at us in fascination. Then we walked home. All very exciting... Witness the magical day here...

  • Barbour jacket- my friend's, thrifted
  • Black skinny jeans- Dorothy Perkins
  • Boots- Primarni
  • Glasses- Claire's Accesories
  • Bag- Primarni
  • Lipstick- MAC
Hope you're all leading happy mouse free lives. Unless you own pet mice.

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Skinny Genes' by Eliza Doolittle)


  1. OMG loooove the shots the backgrounds compliment your outfit alot.

    J x

  2. I'm really feeling your lipstick

  3. Awesome pics!!! Love your style!

  4. I hate that you always look so cool! Absolutely gorgeous! Jealous of your lovely jacket. x

  5. Love this! Very urban chic doll face!

  6. gooosh! you are just so fricken gorgeous!

  7. That lipstick looks great on you and I love your bag. I have a Liz Claiborne one similar to that.

    -Happy Hunting!


  8. Great pictures! I love your bag.

    Sam x

  9. You have a great blog! Love your jacket

  10. OMG!! The other day my mother found a coat like this in her closet! was long ago and my adrenal and dislikes and what was going to give but I rescued him! identical!!!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx