Monday, 21 November 2011

Be Your Best Friend Yeah I'll Love You Forever, Up In The Clouds We'll Be Higher Than Ever...

Cold, cold, cold, cold!!!!!... I guess I shouldn't really be complaining, the English Winter is usually A LOT colder this time of year. Nevertheless it's still freezing to stand on the roof half naked on a cold, windy London evening!... (Took these yesterday).
Arsema was the photographer again, really thought I was gonna slip off this table and break my neck... Don't try this at home kids!!

Now i'm feeling so fly like a G6- sorry, couldn't help myself!!

  • Top- Forever 21
  • Skirt- Primark & DIY
  • Sunglasses- friend's
  • High waisted knickers- H&M
  • Hold ups- La Senza
  • Maroon lipstick- MAC

...So are you ditching your sheers until Summer or braving it through the Winter months as well??... I keep wanting to put some nice thick thermal under my sheer skirts but it feels like such a copout, gonna see how much longer I can take the Winter air biting my arse...

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'So Happy I Could Die' by Lady Gagagagagaga)


  1. Love the skirt!

  2. same here in germany -.-
    but the photos are stunning!

  3. Great photos, love the skirt

  4. sick pictures! love them! I think we have similar taste in music as well since I almost always know what song youre singing. Im testing my mental strength by ignoring the cold. see how long it lasts.


  5. love it , you look amazing xoxo

  6. wow u r major and so photogenic wow! :)))) keep it up these pictures are so good effortlessly good! xx

  7. Font know why I haven't been keeping up with your awesomeness but I'm back like tartar



Thank you bitches!! xxxx