Thursday, 27 September 2012

She Figured If She Didn't Move No One Would Notice Her... Underneath A Winter's Sky Her Eyes Were Bright, Tonight Would Be Her Night...

We have no internet at home atm so this is a super quick, low-quality post!!!!...

Thanks for the lovely comments regarding my realllllll hair, I will get back to y'all when I have tinternet back (sic intentional, my family visited today, feeling very Northern right now)...

This is the camera I bought thanks to the advice of the wonderful blogger Sade, didn't use it for the pics in this post but will be doing so in the near future so hopefully I can finally start to step this up a bit quality wise...

  • Jumper- Sam's
  • Shorts- H&M

What d'ya think of my new braids??? They're thin and many so it's a slightly different look, i'm feeling it atm, though I did only plait them the other day- took the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy to do as well!!! Longggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

And FYI, no, I don't like cats!!!!... I like Dawgssssssssss.... Sooooooooo...

Toodles to you BITCHES ;) xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Winter's' Sky by The Pipettes)


  1. Yaaaay you got the Pentax! Which model did you get? Pentax's are sooo lovely and easy to use, hope you have lots of fun with it :D

    XOXO Sade

  2. love it:-)

  3. Hi! Do you add on hair to get them that long? I'm planning on doing me some for the winter.

  4. Love the jumper, love the hair, love the rug... Love the camera. I hope our internets get fixed soon.

  5. A good camera is always brilliant. I have no idea how I survived without my Canon 1000D!

  6. omg! I love cats so your shorts are everything to me. Your braids....heart stopping. So freckin cool. I'm in love. Congrats on the new camera, hope you love it and that you get your internet back soon.


Thank you bitches!! xxxx