Monday, 21 January 2013

Hey Little Heartache, Turn Us To The Highway, Let's Get Into Trouble, You Make It Look Good...

Went to see Solange last week when she performed at XOYO in London. Even though i'm already a huge admirer I wasn't expecting her singing to be that good. She sounded perfect from beginning to end and is even more stunning in person than in pictures!!!!

We spent more time dancing than taking pictures but below are a few shots Arsema managed to snap, apart from the first one which i'm pretty sure was taken by Nami...

Great outfit as usual and her natural hair was looking lovely...

Me and Nami cheesin' away...

Yes, Nami is very rich...

  • All jewellery i'm wearing- Forever 21
  • Jumper- borrowed from a friend
  • Nami's shirt- Forever 21... I have one too so you'll be seeing more of it

Has anyone else had the pleasure of seeing Solange perform live?? 

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Look Good With Trouble' by Solange)


  1. like SOOO jealous you saw my babes live OMG!!
    her EP has been on constant rotation.
    your jewellery looks ace!


  2. This makes me so excited! I have tickets to see her February 23rd in Chicago. You looked great as usual.


  3. yes i saw her a couple years ago with estelle around the time her first album came out. didn't even know she was gonna be there but i was pleasantly surprised. i admire that as soon as she steps on the stage she sets herself apart from her sister.

  4. This has persuaded me to watch solange live she is divine and great pictures by the way!

  5. omg You got to see Solangeeeeeeee!
    I'm so jealous!
    Love your outfit too

  6. Oh I'm so jelly! Love your lipstick too :)


Thank you bitches!! xxxx