Monday, 28 January 2013

Cause If You're Not Really Here, Then I Don't Want To Be Either, I Wanna Be Next To You... Black And Gold, Black And Gold, Black And Gold...

This may be the first time i've ever had a title that's the lyrics to a song I REALLY don't like but it fit so well and black and gold are gonna play such a heavy part in my wardrobe this year that it might even become my Zizzi's Wardrobe theme song.

Spotted these lil black booty shorts in Forever 21 last week and had to snap them up- the material is so stretchy and they're high waisted so I know i'll be wearing them all the time with different jumpers, crop tops etc.

The necklace/belt was left here by my friend the other week, guess now it's no longer going to be a secret that i've been wearing it, haha... Can you believe the only place I went today was Tesco to buy a frozen pizza?!... Need to wear this outfit again somewhere worthy!!...

  • Doc Martens- from a friend
  • Tights- Primark
  • Shorts- Forever 21
  • Top- from a friend
  • Necklace- a friend's
  • Hat- Beyond Retro
How do you feel about black and gold?? 

Toodles to you bitches xx

(Title= lyrics to 'Black And Gold' by Sam Sparro)

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Thank you bitches!! xxxx