Wednesday, 6 February 2013

She's Instantly More Pretty And More Interesting Than Me, She Is Thinking Before She Speaks, She Is Not All Red And Angry...

I took these yesterday and I swear it has to have been one of the lamest days i've had in a longgggg while... And not the good kinda lame either, where you dance round your room singing along to N*SYNC, watch 10 Real Housewives episodes consecutively and veg out on pizza, pasta and any other carb you can find in your kitchen, all the while sporting some awful  greying pair of jogging bottoms and a crusty, old t-shirt...  No no. This was one of those self-pitying 'why am I so shit at everything i'm supposed to be good at'? 'Why does the shaved side of my head seem to grow so much faster than the hair on the top of my head?', 'Why am I broke all the time but still just as much in debt as I was 4 months ago?', 'why am I so bloody lazy?', 'Why why why???? Wahhhhhhhhhhh' type of days.

Anyway, the point of all that wining was basically to let you know that my photos today aren't very inspired at all, though the second one where i'm holding my braids out like i'm a tent is good for a laugh. Not a belly laugh by any means but perhaps a little chuckle?!...

  • Turtle neck crop top- Forever 21
  • Neckalce- Forever 21
  • Hammer Pants- Vintage shop in Manchester, Cow I think
Time to go figure this shit out, ha!!

Toodles to you bitches xx

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(Title = Lyrics to 'Kiss That Girl' from Kate Nash's highly underrated second album)


  1. those pants are awesome B) and I love your hair.

  2. I have those shit day so often, they fucking suck. You still look awesome in this super casual outfit.

  3. What are you wearing on your lips! Its lushh

  4. how comes you don't answers questions you come across so arrogant on your written posts, i cant stand this type of bloggers attitude you want us to leave comments (this is why you have a comment section) but you cant reply i looked through your blog posts from the past and you used to answer hhhmmmm why do bloggers adapt this sort of behavior!! What are you wearing on your lips!

    1. LOL, in 2 years of blogging no one has ever left me a negative comment- congratulations on being the first person.

      You asked me a question yesterday at 9pm and then came back with your snide comments the following morning- do you think I spend all day every day sitting here answering questions on my blogs as soon as they're asked?!- The correct answer is no, I don't. I have a job which I have just returned home from and plenty of other things to do as well so I only just saw your question. I still answer every single question that is commented or e-mailed to me, even if it does take me a while sometimes.

      It's unfortunate that you think I come across as arrogant in my writing, I think I tend to write in quite a self-deprecating tone.

      Anyway to answer your initial question the base is Illamasque cream blusher in Ravish and the top is Illamasque Intense lipgloss in Belladonna. They look pretty nice together but if you do buy the gloss be warned, Illamasque glosses always get on your teeth. Hope that's helpful. xx

  5. Omgg I have the SAME pants but mine are shorts. lol. you are everything!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx