Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You Caught Me, Guilty, Taking The Pieces Of You... That Night, You Took Flight, I Couldn't Decide What To Do...

This is possibly the most rushed post i've ever done, but I was in the middle of reading for an essay when I remembered it'd been a few weeks since i'd managed to post anything.
I was in a very distractable mood anyway so I stopped for a break and took these pics...

And cos people keep e-mailing me about my hair and how I style my braids i've tried to write a little how-to tutorial for the weird bun things I have on my head today...

  1. Split braids into 2 sections- a front one and a back one, so that they fall both over your face and down your back. The front section should be slightly smaller than the back section...
  2. Do a large but loose plait with the front section
  3. Wrap it once around in a sideways-leaning bun so that the large braid you have just plaited falls to the back of your head and you have a quiff type shape at the front that sits a few inches above your eyebrows
  4. Tie a scarf tightly around the middle section of your head, securing the front bun. Fasten the scarf as desired
  5. Use all the braids to twist another bun at the back of your head just behind thescarf and tuck the end into the scarf to secure it's position
  6. VoilĂ !!

And todays 1menaturally earrings were-
Think they're corduroy but i'm not sure, these one's are my faves atm. 
  • Headscarf- The Shop (Off Brick Lane)
  • Top- Vintage (Oldham St, Manchester)
  • Black denim shorts- Topshop
  • Dame Edna glasses- Claire's Accessories
  • Earrings- 1menaturally

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'No Room For Dount' by the incredible Lianne La Havas)


  1. that blouse is something fierce!



  2. love your top. very pretty x


  3. love the way you styled your hair , it looks amazing xoxo

  4. You are suuuuuuuch a babe!

  5. WAy to utilize your break time! Get it girl!

  6. Hahaha I always protested for tutorials.
    U look nice Zi.

  7. the 2nd photo is so amazing!! great look, love that shirt and glasses and earring and make-up and everything ^^


  8. where did you get your shoe rack from?


Thank you bitches!! xxxx