Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You Cry Out In Your Sleep, All My Failings Exposed, There's a Taste In My Mouth, As Desperation Takes Hold, Just That Something So Good, Just Can't Function No More...

...Love, love will tear us apart, again... One of my favourite songs for sure!!

Even though i've always found Creepers quite ugly shoes, I knew they'd be a great asset to my collection. 
They go with just about everything!!
So finally I have some and wear them all the time so expect to be seeing a lot more of them in future posts...

  • Hat- Beyond Retro
  • Glasses- Claire's Accessories
  • Joy Division vest- a shop off Brick Lane I stupidly forgot to find out the name of
  • Hold-ups- Primark
  • Creepers- Ebay
  • Lips- Illamasque

There doesn't seem to be any middle ground when it comes to Creepers- people either seem to love them or hate them with a passion. Which camp are you in??

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division)


  1. I love that you like Joy Division. Love will Tear Us Apart is just a great song.

    As for the creepers, like you I first thought they were a bit terrible but I think it all depends on the height and overall design some can look like old womens orthopedic shoes. But all in all there are much more verity to choose from so I am definitely on the pro side of the fence with this one.

  2. Girl after my own heart with the creepers! I hated them too but they go with EVERYTHING and they're pretty comfy, since mine are double soled they make me look well tall too.
    Firm Creeper LUVAH!

    XOXO Sade

  3. Hmm I have mixed feeling about creepers but you definitely pull them off well!!

  4. I love creepers, definitely not for me, but I love them. I saw some killer pastel ones in Office yesterday but I must say my all time favourite creepers were by ASOS and some designer UGH they were actually beautiful! Can't remember their name to show you though... DOH

  5. You have a really pretty hat and really pretty posters! x

  6. I consider creepers ugly but I like them on other people. They would make me look stumpier. im only 5 feet tall. Love the Joy Division tee. And thanks for what you said about me being a mum. That was so sweet. Cant wait to dress my baby up for a lifetime!

  7. Oh, my God, such beautiful and long hair! *.* Adore it.
    And the shirt is awesome, just perfect. :*
    I'm following you, can't wait to see more of you. :D

  8. Love this outfit,
    Amazing glasses!

  9. This outfit is fucking amazing. Love it.

  10. I want these shoes! Some people marry for green cards, I'd marry for these and a few pairs of Docs.


Thank you bitches!! xxxx