Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'll Bring You Flowers In The Pouring Rain, Living Without You Is Driving Me Insane...

So in case anyone was wondering, the 'twist' I mentioned with my latest braids was just that I added a few blonde ones... Very exciting I know. Other than that they are essentially the same. Same length, I put them in in the same way and they're still 1B in the rest of my hair. However this time I have 60 plaits as opposed to the 35 I think I had last time- which, when considering their thickness and that both sides of my head are shaved and a bit at the back, is rather a lot...

Hoochie mama show your nana!!!!!... Swear my butt is shrinking though, very strange!!...

People are still always asking me if my hair is heavy. It's noticeable for the first day or two, then it feels completely normal!!...
So no, I do not have to walk around with my head tilted to the side tryna stop myself from falling over under the weight as people seem to think!!! Hahaha
  • Earrings- 1menaturally
  • Top- Forever 21
  • Bloomers- Beyond Retro
  • Cheeks- Mac painstick in Nocturnal plum
  • Lips- Mac paintstick in Nocturnal plum coated in Dior lipgloss
Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = Lyrics to 'Flowers' by Sweet Female Attitude, got a feeling i've posted 'em before?!)


  1. Loove your hair!
    im scared to do my hair myself this long
    i feel asif my fingers are going to start breaking off after a while
    its a great look though


  2. your hair style is....AMAZING!!

  3. You look really, really amazing!

  4. Totally love the decor of your room. It's like an indoor Brick Lane.



  5. braids are SO you.

    J x



Thank you bitches!! xxxx