Friday, 18 May 2012

Oh Say Can You See My Stars, The Night Time Is Almost Ours...

So I finally went to the post office to collect my Dirtyloves shorts. Besides the obvious camel-toe potential i'm really happy with them. Looking forward to the weather being good enough to actually be able to wear them outside (did that sentence make sense? I'm really not sure)...

Assumed a bun like this wouldn't be possible with the length and weight of my hair, but I was wrong... all my hair fit in, no clips or bobbles necessary, it stayed secure for hours and it didn't strain my hair or weigh me down at all!!! Win...

  • Top- Still a mystery item!!
  • Shorts- DirtyLoves
  • Waistcoat- Brick Lane
  • Glasses- Primark
  • Ring- Forever 21

Toodles to you bitches xx

(P.S. Title = lyrics to 'Oh Say Can You See' by Lana Del Rey)


  1. T-shirt <3 You're sooooo pretty.

  2. I was going to do a post today on those shorts lol! I got a pair just like those a few weeks ago from a place called Birdys Boutique! You styled them fab!

  3. I am literally OBSESSED with your awesome sense of fashion my darling! I love the shirt and it's really sad that it's a total mystery, haha.

  4. the shorts look fab + your hair is awesomeee

  5. I love your top <3 so sexy and cool in same time!! damn I want your hair! >_<

  6. Those shorts are HAWT! Love the ambiance of all the clothes in the background. Looks like paradise.


  7. you justinspired me to braid the middle of my hair !!!! ... I shaved my head a while ago and im goign to belize and I needed something funky I'vebeen thinking about braids but I wanted to see someone else who's done it and I love it !!!

  8. love your style!

  9. I really love your style!


Thank you bitches!! xxxx